Jonathan Rhodes

Bio & Photos

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Hospitality Rider

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Hospitality Rider

Technical information

Line-up Full Band Shows

Instrument Technical needs
Lead Vocal Vocal Mic
Backing Vocal Vocal Mic
Acoustic Guitar XLR (brings own DI)
Electric Guitar 2 mics for 2 amps
Bass DI for Ampeg head, mic for cabinet.
Upright Bass (optional) DI for upright bass.
Drums Mics


If necessary, we can bring our own backline, consisting of:

  • drumkit
  • guitar amp
  • bass amp


The venue is expected to provide a quality PA system suitable for the (size of the) venue, capable of amplifying the line-up mentioned above. Required equipment includes:

  • External speakers
  • Mixer
  • Vocal mics
  • Drum mics
  • Guitar mics
  • DI-boxes
  • Cables
  • Audio technician providing complete setup, teardown, connection and sound engineering.


Each of the band members need a monitor. On very small stages, monitors may be shared if necessary.

Power supplies

Three groups of power outlets (16 amp, 220v) in vincinity of the stage (front, left, right) are required.


A minimum stage size of 5 x 3m is required. Positions are somewhat flexible, but we try to maintain the setup mentioned in the stage plan.