Jonathan Rhodes (NL) writes and performs songs with little pretence. In his lyrics, he likes to explore the dissonance between momentary fads and eternal value. In this search, he’s not afraid to question the ways of society. Or his own, for that matter. This results in songs and stories that are deeply personal and real.

Jonathan’s sound is heavily influenced by American roots with a hint of gospel, refering to such artists as Paul Simon, Sean Rowe and Rayland Baxter for inspiration.

Shortly after his debut, he won the Friesland Pop Songwriter Contest and was awarded the Grote Prijs van Nederland public award. ​ "His songwriting ability is excellent; a very well deserved finalist."

In 2014 he published his first EP ​Towards the sun​. He played support shows for Maria Mena, Otis Gibbs and Tangarine. After a season of writing new songs and stories, Jonathan resurfaced in 2019. New material is scheduled to be released later this year.


Cover photo by Dave Herring

Portrait photos by Isaac Mehegan