Jonathan Rhodes

Rider - Solo

I'm looking forward to playing at your venue! To prevent any miscommunication, I try to be as thorough as possible. I really appreciate all technicians who make my shows possible and I'm flexible as long as communication is clear. 🤠

Line-up Solo Shows

Name Instrument Technical needs
Jonathan Lead Vocal Vocal Mic
Acoustic Guitar DI (usually brings own DI, but please have on hand)


The venue is expected to provide a quality PA system suitable for the (size of the) venue, capable of amplifying the line-up mentioned above. Required equipment includes:

  • External speakers
  • Mixer
  • Vocal mic
  • DI-box
  • Cables
  • Audio technician providing complete setup, teardown, connection and sound engineering.


I'll be needing a monitor.

Power supply

A group of power outlets (16 amp, 220v) in vincinity of the stage (front) is required.


A minimum stage size of 3 x 2m is required.


Show day contact: Jonathan Rhodes / / +31 6 112 01 871