Jonathan Rhodes

Rider - Duo

We're looking forward to playing at your venue! To prevent any miscommunication, we try to be as thorough as possible. We really appreciate all technicians who make our shows possible and we're flexible as long as communication is clear. 🤠

Line-up Duo Shows

Name Instrument Technical needs
Jonathan Lead Vocal Vocal Mic
Acoustic Guitar DI (usually brings own DI, but please have on hand)
Daniël Backing Vocal Vocal Mic
Electric Guitar mic for amp
Acoustic Guitar DI


The venue is expected to provide a quality PA system suitable for the (size of the) venue, capable of amplifying the line-up mentioned above. Required equipment includes:

  • External speakers
  • Mixer
  • Vocal mics
  • Amp mics
  • DI-boxes
  • Cables
  • Audio technician providing complete setup, teardown, connection and sound engineering.


Each of the band members need a monitor. On very small stages, monitors may be shared if necessary.

Power supplies

Two groups of power outlets (16 amp, 220v) in vincinity of the stage (front, left) are required.


A minimum stage size of 3 x 2m is required.


Show day contact: Jonathan Rhodes / / +31 6 112 01 871