Jonathan Rhodes

Hospitality Rider

We're looking forward to playing at your venue! To prevent any miscommunication, we try to be as thorough as possible. We really appreciate all hosts who make our shows possible and we're flexible as long as communication is clear. 🤠

Show day contact

Jonathan Rhodes: +31 (0) 6 11 20 18 71

Advancing contact

Jonathan Rhodes: / +31 (0) 6 11 20 18 71


The band (4) are arriving by van or two cars. Please make sure there is free parking at walking distance. If parking is paid, parking costs will be reimbursed by the promotor.

Total tour party

5 (full band shows)

Backstage / Dressing room

Dressing room (preferrably not shared with other bands) with toilet and sink. Seating for at least 5.

We prefer a lockable dressing room, so we can store personal items, music equipment etc. If not possible, a reasonably guarded place that is not accessible by the public.


If there is a Wi-Fi connection, please leave a note with the password in the dressing room.


4 on stage and/or in the dressing room.


We would like to sell merch before and after the show. Please provide a well lit merch table.

Backstage catering


  • 12 cans/bottles of quality beer
  • A variety of different soft drinks
  • Possibility to refill water bottles (or 8 bottles of still/sparkling water; we prefer to reduce our plastic waste)


  • Healthy snack options, such as fruit and vegetables, bread and cheese
  • Savory snacks such as potato chips, nuts
  • Sweet snacks, such as chocolate bars

Diner and/or Lunch (depends on schedule)

A (warm) healthy, nutritious meal for the traveling party. We're on the road a lot (plenty of unhealthy food) so healthy food is important to us. If providing dinner is not possible a buy-out for the whole crew for €15, - per person.

Dietary requirements:

1x vegetarian (others optional)